About Us

Located in Unadilla, Georgia, two hours south of Atlanta, the BranNen Motor Company (BMC) was awarded the Ford dealership franchise on December 6, 1943, to Clint B. and W. B. Brannen. Since then, it has been recognized by Ford Motor Company as the oldest, continully operating, single-family franchise east of the Mississippi River.

Clint instilled his old-fashioned values in his family, knowing that the name Brannen carries with it a reputation that is above reproach. He taught his family members and employees to value each person they meet as a new friend, and that's why BMC prides itself on its tremendous repeat-customer base.

Over the years, BMC has evolved its staff as well as inventory. The dealership obtained a Chevrolet franchise in 1987, and in 1999, the younger Clint became the franchisee for Ford and Chevrolet. 

Chief Bobby Reed (retired) came on board, and with his 20 years of experience as a police chief and past-President of the Georgia Police Chiefs' Association, BMC started marketing itself as the law enforcement vehicle dealership that allowed a municipality to one-stop shop. BMC can install as much or as little equipment as desired, including lightbars, sirens, cages, push bars, radio equipment, and even decals customized to the municipality's specifications. Many BMC vehicles leave the dealership 100 percent ready for street duty!

The main reasons that the sheriff, police, and city/county departments do business with BMC are:

  • Over 72 years in the automobile industry
  • An immediately available supply of vehicles in stock
  • Multi-line brands and models
  • "Turn Key" Packages
  • Immediate response to the customer's needs (repairs and service)
  • Full service body shop
  • Various financing options
  • Comfort and convenience of working with a small town dealer


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